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Denim jeans are global equalizers of multidimensional and multicultural diversification existing in our society. This is true, in essence, that denim jeans are worn and can be put on by everyone. Jeans transcend cultures, races, physical attributes, ethnicities, financial and social variants.

Jeans can mean many things to different people. Jeans can be utilitarian. It can be a symbol of hard work and necessity. On the other hand, jeans can be cutting-edge and stylish. It can represent class and sophistication. Quintessentially, a pair of jeans is one of the common denominators that bring the world together.

Denim Jeans Observer (DJO) is an interweb publication and a fashion magazine site focusing on denim’s versatility and influence in many facets of our society, culture and lifestyle. DJO is the next phase and the unified platform between Jean Culture (JC) and Designer Denim Jeans Fashion (DDJF) websites.

Jean Culture (JC)
The previous JC site is incorporated into the DJO site. DJO will continue to build and expand the denim jeans knowledgebase making it the most comprehensive and the largest source for brand names and designer labels in the planet. With the rise of social media, JC entries are newly formatted in a clear and concise manner with the essential links to the brand website, blogs or micro sites, online stores, social networking profiles and corporate sources. This makes it easy for you to get in touch and updated with your favorite brands.

Designer Denim Jeans Fashion (DDJF)
The DDJF site serves as the February 2009 to June 2012 archives for the DJO site. DJO will continue to provide upcoming and current seasonal collections, campaigns and fashion lookbooks for the spring, summer, fall and winter timelines.

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